Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Through app, users take a photo of an outfit to find out where to buy

Platforms such as myStorey have already enabled consumers to tap the crowds for information on the products they find in images online. Now the UK’s Snap Fashion is an app that lets users take a photo of an outfit they like and instantly find out where they can buy them. Available for free on the App Store, users first select the type of item they’ve spotted – whether a dress, skirt, trousers, shorts, top or shoes. They can then take a photograph the item and the app uses image matching software to detect the exact item, along with links to partners who have it in stock. If it can’t find an exact match then users are presented with options that match the color, cut and style of the item they’ve snapped. Those options can then be saved for later or purchased there and then. Users can also share their searches and purchases with their contacts and create custom wishlists. Snap Fashion has already teamed up with high street brands such as Topshop, Gap, Uniqlo, French Connection and Kurt Geiger, making its database of fashions diverse and comprehensive. Could this platform work for other types of products?

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